Friday, October 8, 2010

Jinshan said the domestic A-share listed denied rumors false

Jinshan October 8 for the first time to respond to domestic A-share listed applications have been rejected, and rumors of financial fraud, said the report was completely inaccurate, not any basis.

Jinshan published yesterday a statement that the China Securities Regulatory Commission took note of recent media Youguan Jinshan A 鑲?Zeng refused to listing applications, and increase revenue accounting in solving problems of asset trade accounts receivable adjustment Zuochu allegations However, the Jinshan said report and the allegations were completely untrue and is not any basis.

Earlier, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and some Hong Kong media, received an anonymous letter, questioning the accounts of the prospectus Kingsoft problems, and news that China Securities Regulatory Commission has submitted Jinshan A share listing application, but because the accounts and other problems were refused. HKEx Listing Division of the follow-up investigation immediately, but will not affect the normal IPO process Jinshan.

Generally speaking, the new listed company listed in the official report with virtually all suffered similar, while the Hong Kong Listing Division to report the receipt of Hou from investors to the relevant company Lejie further Qing Kuang, such as request additional supplementary information, etc.. But there are so few listed companies to report the delay.

According to the latest bulletin shows Jinshan tomorrow 9:30 traded in HKEx, share board lot size of 1,000 shares, the stock code 3888.


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